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The aim of Planning Poker is to bring everyone in your Scrum together around the table to achieve agile project management. But what happens if your team doesn’t share a table? What if they’re not in the same city, or even in the same country? To tackle this problem, we’ve developed the smart Planning Poker App, which can be used as an important interface in your international Scrum when determining effort estimation for user stories.

Now you can use the fun, team-based Agile Poker tool online with the Planning Poker App from Ulassa! Read on to find out more about how this mobile app can help your agile Scrum:

effort together!

Ideal for agile

A fun way to
reach a consensus!

Planning Poker App – the easiest way to plan effectively

Mobile, efficient, intuitive – the Planning Poker app can help both you and your team reach a completely new level with your workflow. The principle is simple but the benefits are huge: in just a few short rounds, both you and your team will not only be able to estimate both the effort and complexity of a new project, but also incorporate the results into the Scrum flow.

Planning Poker is a consensus-oriented effort estimation technique. It can be used by software development teams to estimate both the effort required for and the relative size of development goals.

What is Planning Poker®?

Discover the Planning Poker App

Just how big is your next task? Is it becoming tough to estimate effort and complexity? Much like with our Planning Poker cards, the Ulassa app allows both you and your developer team to come up with a realistic effort estimation simply by playing a few rounds of poker. Teams can gauge the complexity of user stories and optimise the project process after viewing the results in Planning Poker Online. All this in a convenient and connected way: no matter where your team is based, the app can always be accessed via smartphone or tablet. Even globally distributed teams can work together in close communication to monitor and refine the most important values and principles of an agile Scrum flow, such as flexibility, transparency and workflow optimisation. And last but not least: the game is also great for morale. Teamwork at its best.

What are the advantages of Planning Poker Online for agile Scrum management?

Simple and smart: the Planning Poker app! That’s not just a catchy phrase we’ve thought up: it’s what we want to achieve with our innovative Planning Poker app. We want it to be a simple, easy-to-use tool with a smart interface for maximum output. The Ulassa app can be used anywhere in the world, at any time and from any smart mobile device.

Its intuitive operation, its range of great features and its ability to bring teams together via a simple app all make it a valuable tool for nationally and even internationally distributed teams. The Scrum Master can use the app to work closely and frictionlessly with the developer team to manage the Scrum flow online.

Drive your team forward in an innovative way – use Planning Poker Online to experience the workflows of the future today.

How the Ulassa app works

The Ulassa Planning Poker app uses digital estimation cards in just the same way as the analogue version, and follows a simple but incredibly effective system:

Players make their own estimations by clicking on a card from the online poker deck. Each card has a value based on how much effort a particular user story would require. These values are ordered according to the Fibonacci sequence, which, with a few parameters, can be used as a reliable indicator of exponential growth. This system enables clear forecasts to be made and used in agile project management. The Planning Poker app also eliminates any ‘anchoring bias’, or the unconscious sway of other players’ points of view over one’s own, as others’ decisions can only be seen when everybody has finished making their estimations and clicking on the relevant digital poker cards. Only then will the online Scrum board show an overall figure for how the Scrum members have ranked their effort estimations.

The Ulassa app can be used to quickly and constructively reach an effort estimation that reflects the intrinsic knowledge of the developer team as a whole.

For more information about the intelligently crafted Planning Poker system, visit:

Work with your Scrum online and see the benefits of the Ulassa app for yourself

The Ulassa app helps your Scrum team quickly and easily achieve meaningful results via mobile. Not only does it facilitate agile project management, it also enables efficient communication between all parties: from the stakeholders, to the Product Owner, to each individual developer.

Scrum Poker Online can be used to achieve the following aims:

  • Keeping feedback loops small
  • Increasing productivity
  • Reacting to new requirements in Sprint planning with no noticeable losses
  • Enabling close communication within the Scrum team
  • Optimising workflow in distributed teams
  • Building a happy, motivated team through transparency and teamwork

Working via the app is as versatile as the concept of Planning Poker itself. Whether you’re in Berlin, New York or Bangalore, open the Planning Poker app on your smartphone anywhere in the world and communicate efficiently with your Scrum team!

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The Planning Poker app is one of the most important tools for achieving agile project management. Not only does it help draw up a realistic status quo: it also offers the opportunity to react quickly and efficiently to changes such as new stakeholder requirements. Agile means versatile, flexible and fast. A team can only achieve this if it uses proven and time-tested techniques and methods that its members can put into practice quickly when needed, even when they cannot act together locally. The Planning Poker app equips teams to fulfill these requirements, bringing teams together online from anywhere in the world via mobile devices.

The Planning Poker app is the digital solution for making a group of globally distributed developers into a strong, motivated team who all pull together. That’s why our focus is primarily on international teams who want to work together in spite of physical separation. However, the Ulassa app doesn’t just apply to global teams: it can also be used by any organisation wishing to implement modern and efficient working practices via an online tool. The Scrum Master is able to buy licences for the entire team; developers can use the ‘free’ version.

Who is the Ulassa Planning Poker app designed for?

Make work a joy with Scrum Poker Online

Do you miss having solution-oriented processes in your Scrum? Do you want to adopt a fun technique and motivate your team to a whole new level?

Start your joyful journey with Planning Poker Online ✓

Workspace = Fun Place

From basic needs to the ‘nice-to-haves’, the level system depicted in common parlance by Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs shows in clear terms everything employees generally require in order to thrive. These criteria range from deficit needs, such as food and sleep, to security requirements like material security and personal protection, to the desire for self-actualisation within the workplace. In practice, employees tend to need to fulfil one level before they can ‘consider’ another, that is to say, set themselves the next requirement. Employers who satisfy these needs lay the foundations necessary for employee happiness.

Of course, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is only to be used as a guide: however, employees can become significantly happier in the workplace when a set of measures is taken in accordance with their wishes. As it’s our goal to support you in meeting the demands of your employees in an innovative and forward-thinking way, the Ulassa app offers a number of solutions at once:

  • The app is a secure tool that handles personal data sensitively.
  • The app offers a comfortable work-life balance, as all members of a Scrum can be connected online both conveniently and from any location via the Scrum board. Team members can use it anywhere and at any time of day. Nobody needs to physically move, commute or become stressed from travel.
  • The team can use the Planning Poker app not just to focus on the task itself (for assessing the user story and incorporating it as effectively as possible into the workflow): they can also make verbal contributions within the app. This way, every opinion is taken into account: each Scrum member feels recognised and like they are a part of the decision-making process within the workflow.

The Planning Poker app lets you work together – as a team!

Enjoy the app’s many advantages:

Efficiency & productivity

Take advantage of this simple but intelligent way of working with your Scrum team to estimate and classify user stories.

Connect your global team!

The Ulassa app aims to connect international teams so that they work together, regardless of time and place.

Unlimited possibilities

The Planning Poker app offers a range of features, including the ability to manage multiple teams as well as a team space that can host up to 100 users. The space is both smart and securely connected, so your team feel like they can have fun using it to work and communicate.

Features of the Ulassa App

A fun way to estimate effort!

The Ulassa app was developed to support your day-to-day work as either a Scrum Master or member of an agile developer team. Designed with distributed teams in mind, the app facilitates collaborative effort estimation through rounds of Planning Poker, which can be played online with colleagues.

Free Version

The basic version of the Ulassa app is free, and allows up to 4 people to estimate effort together online. As a rule, invitees to these rounds of Planning Poker do not need to pay any fees.

Multiple Teams

A paid subscription to the app allows you to manage multiple teams at once, with an unlimited number of colleagues involved in the online estimation process. The subscription holder takes on the role of Scrum Master.

Continuous Development

A number of new features are planned for future versions of the Ulassa app, including a comprehensive Scrum reference guide, online retrospectives, the ability to archive issues, a facility for appreciation messages, and much more.

Supporting Agile Teams
Helping You Socially Distance

We support you socially distance with 20% discount for monthly payments, and a 50% discount for annual payments.

In-app purchases | Ulassa app

Personalise and augment your Planning Poker app with a variety of professional functions. We are constantly developing new additions, which then become available to purchase conveniently within the app. These include new layouts from which you can be inspired time and again.

Standard and Pro account users can also enjoy these upcoming features, which will be available soon at no extra subscription cost:

  • Scrum knowledge cards
  • Delegation Poker
  • T-Shirt Size Poker
  • Happiness Index
  • Kudo cards to send

The following features will also be introduced in the near future to help users maintain an overview of Online Scrum Poker and use the app to achieve even more:

  • View a history of user stories estimated in the past.
  • Save user story estimates in Jira by Atlassian.
  • Connect the app to your Slack account.
  • Use the online retrospective tool.

What Planning Poker app users say

thumb_01_90_90»The Ulassa app helps my team in the agile effort estimation process. It’s simple, intuitive, totally efficient, lively and creatively designed.«–ChrK
»Awesome Scrum app with beautifully designed Poker cards and great functionality for estimating remotely« –Vera

Optimise your Scrum flow with the Ulassa Planning Poker app!
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