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About Ulassa

My name is Sven Koble and I’m the founder of Ulassa. In my role as a coach in agile environments I discovered that small tools can have significant positive impacts on individuals and teams regarding their happiness and productivity.

So I decided to establish a company to make these benefits available to more people with the vision to become the number one agile tool provider in the world by providing inspiring and fun-to-use tools and services. And by this, making our world just a little bit better.

Our Mission

Our mission is all about inspiring you to grow and increase your productivity by creating happy moments with our tools and services.



In everything we do, we believe in inspiring others so that they can grow and become more happy.


We make our products simple to use so you can take immediate action.


We create beautifully designed products like our Agile Starter Box, Planning Poker Cards, and many more!

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