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Scrum Basics - Knowhow Cards - English Version

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Scrum Basics - Knowhow Cards - German Version

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Scrum Knowhow Cards

Agile Starterbox - Start now and use our Scrum Box for agile software development

Our agile startbox supports your software development company establishing successful scrum methods. The global economy is shifting. Change happens now quicker than ever. If a company wants to subsist that, they need to be adaptable and agile. The pressure added from the competition is higher than ever. No-one can effort a break, while issues like new media, digitization, and technologization decide over the current market situation. The ideal picture of a successful company goes through drastic changes. What started with clear structures and hierarchic orders, one boss and many employees, now has to be rethought in the style of modern startup-culture. Management 3.0 and agile leadership break all norms surrounding corporate management and instead bet on new virtues like personality and teamwork. This is where scrum comes to work. The method is supposed to help companies in getting more agile. What sounds very complicated at first gets massively simplified and easily explained by scrum. This way, new methods can be implemented quickly and create more productivity and agility in the future. Our Agile Starterbox is ideal for the very beginning and offers all the tools. Teams interested in this method find everything they need to test out scrum themselves. Start today and order our box for your easy access.

What is scrum?

Scrum is mostly used by self-organized teams in software development. Instead of a project leader, there is a scrum master, who offers his expertise on the method but doesnīt influence the development process. In Addition to that, there is the product owner, who determines what needs to be done, prioritizes those goals and gives the according tasks to the development team. The development team works closely together with the product owner to create a project. Scrum then works in development cycles often lasting multiple weeks and being called sprints here. In that phase, the product owner canīt implement any changes according to the plans or goals so that the development team doesnīt get disturbed in their productivity. Instead, if the product owner has any ideas, during the sprints heīll write them into the product backlog so they can be discussed at a later time. Every day, the whole team comes together for 15-minute meetings in which the members report their successes, problems, and future plans. After a sprint has ended, itīs time for a sprint review as well as a sprint retrospective, that doesnīt only present the teamīs success but also discusses the unused potential for further development. This is where the team identifies obstacles so they can avoid those in the future.

Our Starterbox includes explanations for every scrum method so that each team member completely understands the process and the work ahead.

The Scrum method for agile companies

Scrum offers many benefits for companies that work on developing new products. While other concepts or programs often come with a long settling-in period and at first only work partially, scrum is easy to learn and can be used almost immediately. Itīs the easiest way to add more agility to projects and fathom the whole potential of a team. Scrum offers clear structures and methods that donīt create any problems for the team that uses it. Many companies already recognize the endless possibilities in this. Essentially, scrum is about recognizing the own potential and using it for further success. Virtues like respect, focus and honesty go appreciated. Meanwhile, a culture of transparency and adaptability gets established. In this, teamwork has the highest value and even though team members work on their own during sprints, so they are able to focus, itīs the interplay of all the done work that in the end creates a successful product.

Our scrum Starterbox for teams and companies

Our Starterbox is the perfect kit for the very beginning. Everything that is needed for agile development according to the core scrum principles is included in the more than 500 parts. Especially teams who want a headstart and not quite know yet what tools they need, benefit massively from our beginner box. Our focus was to create a simple yet all-inclusive box, so you could start your scrum development immediately. The agile starterbox is created for teams from five to ten members. Every box includes the official scrum guides, that helps with frequently asked questions. In addition to that, you will find a scrum flow poster, knowledge cards, awesome cards, and awesome notes, planning poker cards and a variety of useful materials like markers, tape or post-its. We at Ulassa know that humans tend to learn new information visually before anything else. This is why we took great care, creating visually pleasing products. We want you to have fun using our sets, so it can help teams all over the world creating new and exciting products.

For your easy access

The first step is always the hardest. This is especially true when it comes to adopting new methods and including them in your everyday work process. A lot of people tend to form a strong bond with the current way they are doing things and are very skeptical when it comes to change. Often it needs more than just a little persuasiveness. This is why we included each bit of relevant information about scrum in one box. The annoying google search to answer every question is no longer needed. On 30 knowledge cards, youīll find the necessary information not only compact but also with a nice and appealing design. We created each card in a unique way so it would be fun to use. Many beginner-sets lack practicality because all of the sudden they call for certain materials, teams donīt have ready. Your team wonīt fail because of a missing marker or a lack of post-its. We included anything you could possibly need. Each product is commonly used by us and of the highest quality. This way, youīre development process will basically start itself and it wonīt take long to implement new agility methods in your team. With us, youīll create the success you dreamed off and soon you will make scrum part of your everyday life.

So donīt lose any time and start your first agile project now with our agile starterbox. Just unpack and start immediately. Our "made in Germany" quality promise will completely convince of our products.