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Kudos Cards

Finally successful teamwork thanks to Awesome Cards

Awesome Cards by Ulassa support your company in having successful feedback rounds. The appreciation of the own work is an essential motivation for every single person. Especially during projects or in software development this often shows. Single employees surpass themselves if given the right feedback. The responsibility for creating the right working atmosphere lies in management. Not everyone should be in a leading position. Often seemingly good advice backfires quickly and instead of motivating someone, this person starts feeling bad and it shows their work. Outstanding companies already figured out that money alone is not enough of a motivator for great work. According to the concept of management 3. And the scrum method, the following work should come a so-called sprint retrospective. During this, scrum kudos cards like the Awesome Cards by Ulassa are used to better appreciate and most of all motivate the members of a team. What this method is all about and what benefit results out of the use of Awesome Cards, we want to explain in the following paragraphs.

Kudos cards for management 3.0

Kudos Cards are one of the most important tools when it comes to the scrum method or management 3.0. They support teams in appreciating each other and encourage better work. They also form a stronger bond in a team. This does not only give great advantages for software development teams. Instead, the current economy makes these methods useful for almost every company. Starting with single departments up to big organizations, everyone benefits from the use of our Ulassa Awesome Cards. They encourage a better feedback culture. Kudo cards are also known as hero awards, while others simply call them kudos. What is more important than the name is the idea that stands behind this product. A lot of people are scared of feedback. This is where they have to stand responsible for their own work. Feedback often comes from the top and is directed downward and the focus is mostly on everything negative. Our Awesome Cards encourage a feedback conversation that is free of hierarchies instead. Every team member is supposed to give and receive positive feedback.

Benefits of a sprint retrospective according to scrum

When the cards are used correctly during a scrum retrospective, it offers many benefits. Every member of the team can see which parts of their work offer potential for further growth. At the same time, there is the chance in the team to talk about improvements, have a conversation or discuss the future of the project. Not only single persons can recognize the unused potential. Instead, scrum offers a platform for everyone to discuss virtues and results. It is all about development and improvement, two goals every company shares. In sitting together as a team, this allows for a deeper look. The different points of view, the single team-members offer, help in gaining a deeper understanding of processes and methods and allow in giving thoughtful feedback. Processes, that went great, can be praised. What still holds further chances for growth will be examined for unused possibilities. In a best-case scenario, a team will find a valuable solution while doing the sprint retrospective after the scrum method. They can rethink their current work and do better in the future.

Risks of a band sprint retrospective

As great as the chances of a good sprint retrospective are, as harmful they can be if certain things aren´t done with care. If there is a negative mindset present, the feedback conversation quickly shifts in tone and will develop into an exchange of complaints and blame. There is no mutually beneficial discussion possible. Every member of the team will feel as if provoked and fire back with negatives. There is no chance to talk about real improvements. This way, the team will miss a chance for growth, and to grow stronger as a team. The project stagnates. Developers will stick to their current routines out of spite even though they might know that there is a different way. The long-term effect of a negative retrospective is damage in the company culture. Even the product can take damage from this.

Awesome Cards for successful feedback conversations

You have probably recognized the immense benefit a good feedback round offers for your company. It allows you to celebrate goals and successes while encouraging peak performance. If a team works on a goal together, they have to cooperate, because the only joint effort will create a great outcome. But during the process, it is easy to get lost in it and built up layers of stress. This is why it is so important to take the time and celebrate the work that is done. For this, Awesome Cards are a practical tool. The small praise cards arrive in a set of 4 x 50 cards and can give the context for a positive feedback conversation. In teams, there will often bee meetings. Use that as a chance to give positive feedback while receiving that as well. Sometimes a thank you is enough for a job well done. More often the great atmosphere of a conversation induces big praise talks and everyone will be inspired and motivated to go back to work. The appreciation that was received can be inspiring and raises the mood. Out DIN A7 Awesome Cards by Ulassa are of the highest quality and include great designs. All Awesome Cards and other Ulassa Products are designed and manufactured in Germany. During the use they are fun, so your team will want to make them a regular part of meetings. The preprinted blanks such as "Awesome!", "Great job!" "Thank you!" And "Very happy!" can be used on their own or inspire for nice additions. Appreciate great work of others more and use this tool for better communication. This will help with your company´s success.

Communication is key when it comes to success in business. But that only works with establishing a great conversation atmosphere. If the focus is on everything negative, that will backfire. Instead, our Awesome Cards will inspire positive feedback. This way your team can celebrate each goal and success and new progress can be created. Order your Awesome Cards for positive feedback and kudos now. The results will speak for themselves.