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About us

A lightweight solution for developers

Scrum is a lightweight framework that helps you manage complex and adaptive tasks - from idea to finished product.

Scrum inspires communication, enables quick feedback, increases creativity and productivity, makes it easier to set priorities and shortens decision-making processes. The result is an organic growth process characterised by continuous improvement and maturation of the developed product - to the satisfaction and delight of all involved.

Ulassa. Agile tools for your business


Ulassa is your provider for agile tools online. We manufacture exciting new products for the scrum method. You are interested in bringing more agility in your business or often stumble across terms like management 3.0 or agile leadership during your research? You have come to the right place. With our high-quality agility products, you will fathom your company′s full potential and integrate trendy start-up culture in your daily work.


Scrum and management 3.0 – The global trend now available for purchase


Traditional business hierarchies could still be found in a majority of all companies. Only over the last years, this is slowly shifting and when it comes to management and leadership, new ideas are tested out. Even today a lot of managers still think that payment should be motivation enough for their employees. This is why they spend little to no time thinking about how they could benefit from all the potential, the team offers. But some recognized their chances and are testing out new methods on a daily basis. In the US more and more companies try out new business models. A good example for that is the Silicon Valley. Instead of hierarchies, often times a close community is built. Each employee will be treated individually and will be provided with everything they need to develop and manufacture new products. This way, happy and productive work life is possible.


Ulassa means happy


Ulassa means happy, right? In our case, it was literally a happy accident that brought us this name. Inspired by the name Ullasa which is Sanskrit for growth and happiness, a little typo became the reason for our company′s name. And Ulassa fits us perfectly. It reminds us every day that even small misfortunes can turn into something great if they are treated the right way. Our motto, therefore, is: Be agile. Be happy. Be productive. We always implemented that into our own team as well. For us, Ulassa is not just a job but our calling and we wouldn′t be here if it wasn′t for a reason. Our Why. Behind all the work we do and all our products stand our vision and our mission. We want to inspire others to reach their full potential, grow freely and become a happier version of themselves.


Our vision


Our vision is easily explained. We think that all around the globe there are many companies and teams who could benefit from using the Scrum method and bringing more agility into their work. Many managers and team leaders still haven′t even heard of that method. The more people recognize how they can become more successful in overcoming old habits, the easier cooperation in a company will be. Production will increase naturally without risking burnout or other stress-induced illnesses. Quite the opposite actually, because nothing prevents burnout more successfully than fun at work and good communication. Scrum enables good and successful teambuilding, that′s beneficial for everyone and in the end results in the creation of amazing new products. That covers more than just software development. We want that every entrepreneur knows about scrum and agile leadership and is able to use those techniques for the further success of their business.


Our mission


In accord with our vision, it is our goal to inspire as many people as possible with our work. Especially those who haven′t yet heard of the scrum method or the concept of agility in business often find it hard to get their foot in the door. There are many new terms to learn and understood. With our products, we want to ease newbies into scrum, so it becomes easier and more comprehensible. Our different products can be used for different concepts like the scrum retrospective or for agile planning. Everything receives more of a playful character and is more fun while in use. There is no need to spend hours upon hours explaining every process. All articles are self-explanatory and visually designed to help people get started. We want to avoid that your company loses a lot of time trying to change the set structures. With our products, it is easy for you to start including certain scrum elements first. The risk for your business is practically non-existent. This way, agile leadership and management 3.0 are available for every team and every business.


Our products


Our products aren′t only a good choice for beginners. Even if we offer the perfect tools for an easy start, including all the necessary material as well as a handbook, even experienced scrum users will find just what they need. For every ambitious beginner, we would recommend our Agile Starterbox. Those who aren′t yet experienced with scrum find everything in there that they need. This way your team can start immediately and without the need for further preparations. More experienced scrum users will find high-quality products with an appealing design like our Awesome Cards or the Awesome Notes that help with your scrum retrospective. Our products will help you bring more fun into your business and give praise where it is needed. This will guide your team to success. A great tool for agile planning are our Planning Poker Cards. They help you with your agile estimations for all sorts of different projects. Agile work was never easier.


Quality by Ulassa


We want to provide your team with high-quality tools to help you during the development process. This, of course, means that we want to offer our scrum tools at a fair price to have them available for everyone. Still, we care about the quality of our products. They should be fun to use and last for a long time, so they can really help. This is why longevity is a big factor for us. Our planning poker cards game is still functional if you use it regularly. All the cards are designed for steady use. They don′t just look good but are very sturdy. Our Awesome Notes sticky notes you can use to pass positive feedback or thank-you notes come with an adhesive stripe so they can be stuck at a desktop or computer monitor. All Ulassa tools are designed to be used. This is why we manufacture and design each product in Germany. You′ll get quality “Made in Germany„ when you order our tools.


Feel free to browse through our shop and let yourself be convinced by our easy to use and practical tools.


Be Agile. Be Happy. Be Productive.