Delegation Poker Card Set - 3-7 persons - For Agile companies to effectively delegate responsibilities in the team - Agile Management 3.0 - ENGLISH Version

LEARN TO DELEGATE PLAYFULLY: The goal of Delegation Poker is to delegate decisions and tasks to the team in a controlled environment. Ideal for managers, team leaders and anyone who wants to take responsibility.

UNIQUE MOTIVES: Consists of 51 cards with brief instructions for Delegation Poker in English. Clarification of responsibility for decision-making situations in the team are the focus of Delegation Poker.

AGILE LEADERSHIP: Based on Management 3.0, the card game strengthens responsibility as well as team cohesion, which not only calls for more decision-making authority, but also learns how to take responsibility.

TEAM MOTIVATING: Delegation Poker represents an exciting, analog method that offers a varied, haptic alternative to daily digital work.

MADE IN GERMANY: You, too, can benefit from our high-quality Delegation Poker card deck, which opens up a sophisticated and innovative opportunity for greater efficiency.

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