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Scrum Basics – Knowhow Cards – English Version


30 Scrum Knowhow Cards in English

Description of Scrum Roles (Product Owner, Scrum Master, Development team, Stakeholder)

Overview of all Scrum Meetings (Refinement, Planning I + II, Daily Scrum, Review, Retrospective) and agile estimation with Planning Poker cards easily explained

QR-Codes + links to valuable web pages and videos about Scrum

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Scrum is a lightweight framework, designed to help you overcome complex adaptive tasks – from the idea to the deliverable product.

Scrum encourages communication, enables rapid feedback, boosts creativity and productivity and simplifies priorities so that decisions can be taken quickly. This produces an organic growth process, resulting in the continuous improvement and maturity of the developed product – and greatly increases the satisfaction and enjoyment of everyone involved.

The Scrum Knowhow Cards Set from Ulassa contains 30 Cards in DIN A6 format, giving you a first insight about Scrum and its underlying concept. Each rear page leaves you with enough space to write down your own thoughts.

Unique Design
Scrum Knowhow Cards from Ulassa have a unique design. It’s just a lot of fun to quickly read about the Scrum Basics.

Videos + Links to Scrum topics
It is important to read but there are amazing videos and web pages about Scrum available. But how to find them? We have included QR-codes and links to awesome web pages and videos containing further Scrum knowhow.

Designed & Produced in Germany
Communication is a big part of Scrum. Therefore we decided at Ulassa to work with local companies to design and produce this unique Scrum knowhow cards.

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