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Appreciation Box – Value Pack – 800 Kudos Cards


  • Practical storage box with 4 x 50 blank appreciation cards to write on and additionally 600 more kudos cards
  • Expressing appreciation for employees & colleagues with totally 800 kudos cards
  • 4 unique appreciation motifs (Awesome, Thank You, Very Happy, Great Job) in DIN A7 format
  • Perfect for teams to increase motivation and appreciation

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SKU: 1888-bundle1


Celebrate progress and successes
Every day we achieve incredible things – but it’s often hard to find a moment to acknowledge others hard work with positive feedback. That’s where Awesome Cards come in. Use them as a way of giving positive feedback and expressing appreciation to others.

Create happy moments
Everyone is pleased to give joy to others. Why not take a small awesome card and handle it over to your colleagues, friends, child, student, partner, family member, waitress, …

Random Act of Kindness
With a small positive gesture to someone else we radiate positive energy to others while giving yourself a great feeling as well. A WIN-WIN situation.

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Weight 1.24 kg
Dimensions 22 × 15.5 × 4.5 cm