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Planning Poker Cards

Estimate project expenditure realistically with Planning Poker Cards

Our agile Planning Poker Cards are a holistic and functional solution to put a realistic estimate to the complexity of a project e.g. in software development. In developing these cards, Ulassa was inspired by the
scrum model of agile software development. If you are interested in getting the work of your developing team to the next level and establishing agility and flexibility as new virtues for your company, you have come to
the right place. We will explain why Planning Poker works so well as an agile estimation tool and why a lot of companies would benefit from that method.

The need for agility

The new culture of startups and entrepreneurship has changed the work of many companies drastically over the past few years. The goal is no longer to hold onto fix and unchangeable structures as well as strict
hierarchies. Instead, CEOs and managers have learned that agility and adaptability are important for their success. Challenges like the digitization of our society, globalization and a demographic change in target
groups have called for new business models. But a stop of that constant change is not yet in sight. The market is changing as much as the competition and today´s competitor might already be gone tomorrow or seek success
somewhere else. Drastic new developments in technology seem as future-oriented as they are intimidating and only who keeps both eyes on the price and adapts to changes quickly, can overcome these obstacles with their

The Scrum Method

Especially with software development, in the early days, it is very hard to formulate concrete plans. Even if the goal is known, intermediate goals, as well as events, might not be plannable yet. The scrum method
uses these unknown factors and is built on them. This way, developers don´t lose valuable time in the beginning, trying to come up with an impossible project plan. Instead, they can focus on the important parts. The
agile estimation of the expenditure of a project with Planning Poker Cards is a crucial element of the scrum process and belongs to the agile tools of this method. The goal: Quick and cost-efficient development of
high-quality products after a fixed idea. The requirements are written into a product backlog before they are implemented by the development team. Similar to the lean production idea, scrum focusses on better teamwork
and higher efficiency.

Planning Poker Cards to estimate complexity and expenditure

Planning Poker Cards are an important tool for scrum. They are the needed support for the task of estimating expenditure. Especially while planning the work ahead, often the team needs to come up with estimations on
how high the anticipated workload will be. Planning Poker Cards will make that easier than ever before. The set of cards works with a simplified Fibonacci sequence (0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20, 40, 100). As an addition to
that, there are break-, question mark- and infinity-cards. The set is best suited for four players and includes high-quality cards that offer fun and can be used regularly. The print and included designs make for a great
optic. The card set comes with 53 playing cards, 13 for each of the four players. On top of that, there is a cover card as well as brief instructions in English, German, Spanish and French, explaining the concept of agile
estimations in an easy and comprehensible way.

A unique way of agile estimations

One of the most important parts in agile development is not to focus on firm structures and methods but to recognize the full potential of a team. Our Planning Poker Cards are designed in a way that will encourage
creativity. We offer visual stimuli for the brain with 13 unique designs that are fun to use. Planning poker is about realistically estimating a projects expenditure. This calls for good teamwork. In most cases, the work
won´t be done by only one team member. Instead, it is the cooperation, a team is really benefiting from. Some tasks in that might take longer than others. Not every person in the team will know everything about the tasks
ahead. This is why Planning Poker Cards will come in handy. Instead of finding a compromise, how it is often done in teams, it is necessary for agile estimations that everyone agrees to an estimate. Each team member can
bring in experiences and their point of view if that is needed for the estimation. After everything is said, everyone makes an estimation using the number cards. The cards will be placed upside down on a table or another
surface, to begin with. Once the cards are turned, the team can usually see a variety of guesses. If for example, every team member decided to place the Poker Card with the number five, the ballot is over and this is the
estimation that will be written down into the backlog. More common are different results. This is when another discussion happens. Here especially those with the highest and lowest guesses should explain why they picked
their cards and they can try and convince the others to also pick their number. The discussion and estimation process will be repeated until everyone decides on one result. If an agreement for whatever reason is not possible,
the estimation can be written down as a range and potentially rethought at a later time.

Highest quality built for regular use

We designed the cards for each team member in a different color so it remains easy to keep track about who chose which number as an estimate. After the estimation process, all cards can be put into a little packaging
that comes with it. This way, the cards are protected until their next use. Ulassa produces high-quality products in Germany. For that reason, we like to keep a high standard, that each of our customers will benefit from.
We used scrum methods ourselves while working on our products and know that communication is one of the most important factors when it comes to success.

Let yourself be convinced by the practicality of the Scrum method and use the Planning Poker Cards to make your company more agile. Order your first deck now. You will be amazed by the results.

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