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The Ulassa app is designed to assist you in your daily work as a Scrum master or member of an agile developer team. Aimed specifically at remote teams, the upcoming first release will allow you to play online rounds of Planning Poker in order to collectively evaluate the complexity of your next development tasks.

Free version

The basic version of the Ulassa app is free and will allow up to 4 persons to collectively estimate complexity online. Being invited into an online estimation is and always will be free.

Multiple teams

A paid subscription will allow the subscriber to create multiple teamspaces for different projects. Estimations can be joined by an unlimited number of teammates. The subscriber takes on the role of a Scrum Master.

Continuous Development

Future releases of the Ulassa app will feature a comprehensive agile knowledge base, online retrospectives, issue archiving, kudos messaging and much more.

What Customers say

thumb_01_90_90»The pictures make things much easier. That way, I don’t have to force myself to always think in numbers (days, hours, weeks). The whole things becomes more comprehensible, and it’s also fun for newcomers.« –ChrK

»My project team loves the planning poker cards. A nice and fun solution for long or tedious estimation processes. They’re great for software development teams, but I’ve also used them with ‘normal’ organization teams for complexity estimation.« –Vera

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